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The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only college in Belgium for training in Nautical Sciences (Bachelor + Master) and Marine Engineering (Bachelor).

We offer our training in two seperate sections: a Dutch section and a French section. About 10% of our students are girls.
 There are more than 35% foreign (non-Belgian) students with 20 different nationalities!

Dutch and French are the two working languages at the Antwerp Maritime Academy. Only in the Master year in Nautical Sciences some courses are taught in English (mostly in the second semester of the academic year, from January until June). 
You will find a list of these courses here.

Main education

Education at the Antwerp Maritime Academy aims at two careers: one at sea as a merchant marine officer, becoming a Captain (Master) or a Chief Engineer; the other is an on-shore career in a nautical-economic or nautical-technical function.

The Nautical Sciences training consists of two cycles: at the end of the first three-year cycle, one can obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nautical Sciences and at the end of the second cycle of one year, one can obtain a Master’s Degree in Nautical Sciences.

The Marine Engineering training consists of a three-year cycle after which students obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Marine Engineering.

Other training

The Antwerp Maritime Academy is a diversified centre of maritime knowledge. Its equipment and knowhow are not only used in the bachelor and master training programmes, but are also at the disposal of third parties.

The Academy offers some 40 training modules, available for companies, official authorities as well as for individual trainees.

Based on these modules, a training programme in Commercial Yachting has been developed. This training is aimed at the crew of pleasure craft used for commercial activities, with a gross tonnage lower than 500.

The post graduate programme in Hydrography results in a certification as Hydrographic Surveyor Level B.


Studieaanbod-01Nautical training is not only for boys. Increasing numbers of female students are welcomed at the Academy! Studieaanbod-02Safety training (firefighting, using safety equipment and maritime medicine) is a very important part of the training programme. Studieaanbod-03