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In 1800, during the French period, under the Napoleon rule, a maritime school was established in Antwerp.
Until 1814 the school was housed in the building of the Trade Exchange.

Following milestones characterise the further history of the school:

1834 Re-foundation of the Antwerp Maritime Academy under Belgian rule.
1919 Resuming courses after the suspension from 1914 till 1918.
1907 The academy starts the tradition to name the class of first year students in Nautical Sciences after a distinguished maritime personality. As from 1977 this is also done for the Marine Engineering department.

Inauguration of the new school building.

1944 The German army occupies the school building; courses are taught at the building where now the seamen’s house “Stella Maris” is located (the school building could be used again in 1948).
1961 The training vessel “Mercator” is taken out of service.
1985 The Nautical Sciences training is taken to an academic level.
1990 The Flemish Community replaces the federal Transport Ministry as competent authority.
2002 The IMO (STCW) international rules and quality standards are implemented.
2003 The Antwerp Maritime Academy is one of the first colleges to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate.
2004 Introduction of the bachelor-master structure.
2008 The tradition of organising training at sea on large sailing ships has been resumed.
2018 The Antwerp Maritime Academy obtains the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate.


mijlpalen foto01The “Mercator”, the Academy’s last training ship, was withdrawn from service in 1961. mijlpalen foto02In the past the Antwerp Maritime Academy provided training in the profession of ship’s cook.
mijlpalen foto03The Antwerp Maritime Academy is always assured of royal support. Crown Prince (now King) Philip was a guest in February 2006. mijlpalen foto04Prince Laurent, visited the Academy in November 2007, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Royal Belgian Seamen’s College.