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In 1929 the Belgian Shipping Federation, presided by Armand Grisar, decided to organise a national competition to design a spacious school building.
The City of Antwerp provided a site situated north of the Royers Lock.
The architects Van Kriekinge (father and son) won the competition with their “Mercator” project.

On 23 July 1931 the Minister of Transport at that time, Ph. Van Isacker, laid the first stone. The school building was inaugurated at the end of 1932.
In 1959 a new wing was added at the north east side.
Through the years, various internal alterations have been carried out. However, the specific character of this typical interbellum building has always been preserved.


gebouw foto01The Boardroom is decorated with a beautiful mural (wood with gold inlay). gebouw foto02Two murals, depicting maritime transport, adorn the entrance hall. They were completed in 1934. One is a view of the Port of Antwerp; the other illustrates trade with overseas countries. A statue commemorating the seafaring dead of the First and Second World Wars dominates the centre of the hall.
gebouw foto03Outdated infrastructure is regularly replaced and the building boasts well-equipped classrooms. gebouw foto04For example: the former “Seamanship Hall” was recently replaced by a modern auditorium.