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Training at sea

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Simulators allow students to acquire nautical and technical skills on campus, but training at sea still forms an important and compulsory part of nautical education.
The joint training session for all first year students acts as an initiation into life at sea.

Since the academic year 2007-2008 the joint training session has been carried out aboard the Dar Mlodziezy, the Polish three-mast tall sailing ship.
The students learn various aspects of seamanship, and particular attention is paid to safety training. Students are required to apply the watch keeping schedules used aboard merchant marine vessels.
Performing as a group and learning to respect each other is of the utmost importance, especially aboard a sailing ship.
In order to guarantee the safety of ship and crew, high demands are made on discipline from both crewmembers and students. Respect for the forces of nature and learning how to operate in the environment of vessel, crew and cargo, form essential parts of the training.
The training schedule is based on the guidelines set out by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) in the Cadet Training Record Book.

In the years following students can take part in onboard training (on a non-compulsory basis) on commercial vessels (merchant marine vessels, dredging ships, etc.). These training sessions are arranged and carried out on an individual basis during the holiday periods.


Stages foto01The Dar Mlodziezy is a three-mast sailing ship with a sail surface of 3,015 m2. The ship mesures 109.2 m long, has a width of 13.9 m and is 50.1 m high Stages foto02 Stages foto03
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