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Trainees at the GMDSS simulator.


The Antwerp Maritime Academy is a diversified centre of maritime knowledge. Its equipment and knowhow are not only used in the bachelor and master training programmes, but are also at the disposal of third parties.
There is a growing demand from maritime companies (merchant marine, towing and dredging companies) as well as public authorities (such as the Pilotage services) for external nautical training.

The training modules offered by the Antwerp Maritime Academy, are not only available for the industry and the public services, but also for individual trainees.

It is also possible to organise tailor-made training programmes, adapted to your specific needs.

Companies that have their own certified instructors can rent our training equipment.



Bie Van Deun
Vocational Training Coördinator
tel. 03-205 64 35




** The modules Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Technique, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, en Elementary First Aid are part of the STCW Basic Safety Training.