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Alison Noble attends IMEC27

From 12-16th October, Alison Noble attended the IMLA-International Maritime English Conference (IMEC27) which was held at Netherlands Maritime Institute of Technology, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

The conference, held annually, offers a unique opportunity to network and exchange ideas with fellow Maritime English lecturers from MET establishments around the world. The conference was honoured by the presence of Milhar Fuazudeen, Head of Maritime Training and Human Element Section, Maritime Safety Division, IMO (front row, 5th from right, in conference photo).

As Head of the IMLA-IMEC Papers & Activities, Alison leads the review and selection of papers for the conference. In addition she is responsible for the post-conference report (see attachment). The conference Proceedings, containing all papers, and photos will soon be available on the IMEC website (

Click HERE to read Alison Noble's conference report.

(picture IMEC 27)

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