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Final partner meeting VTS-BOT project

From 16-20 May Alison Noble was in Japan for the final partner meeting and conclusion of the VTS-Bot project, funded by International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) and sponsored by the Nippon Foundation.

The ChatBot promotes student-centred learning of IMO SMCP for communication with VTS and other maritime authorities. The project was presented, in Japanese, at the Japanese Institute of Navigation (JIN) conference held in Kobe on 19 May.

In addition to HZS, the project partners are Peter John (Jade University of Applied Sciences, Elsfleth, Germany), Prof. Dr. Naoyuki Takagi (Tokyo University of Marine Technology and Science, Japan), Peter Björkroth (Novia University of Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland) and Dr. Benjamin Brookes (Australian Maritime College, Tasmania, Australia). The project was coordinated by Peter John.

The VTS-Bot is available at (login and proceed to “Chatbot”). The project final report (ref. FY2014 IAMU) will be submitted on May 31st and will subsequently be available online. For additional information visit

- Alison Noble and Naoyuki Takagi at TUMSAT
- Partners (L to R) Benjamin Brookes, Alison Noble, Peter John, Peter Björkroth at - TUMSAT with museum ship Meiji Maru in the background
- ChatBot slide at JIN conference, Kobe.
- The Kobe waterfront, with maritime museum (low white building with ‘sails’).


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