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IAMU CHAT-BOT kicks off!

At the end of May our lecturer Alison Noble visited Jade Hogeschule in Elsfleth, Germany, for the kick-off meeting of the IAMU-funded project “VTS-BOT”.  Over the coming thirteen months the project aims to develop a computer dialogue system to improve language education in the maritime industry.

The chat-bot is programed with several communication situations relevant for the safety of sea-going ships and includes SMCP training, VTS shore-to-ship scenarios and communication in medical emergencies.

The project is co-ordinated by Jade Hogeschule (Peter John). In addition to Antwerp Maritime Academy, partners are the Australian Maritime College, Tasmania (Dr. Ben Brooks), Novia University of Applied Sciences, Finland (Peter Björkroth), Tokyo Maritime University, Japan (Prof. Dr. Naoyuki Takagi).

The photo shows (top to bottom) Alison Noble, Naoyuki Takagi, Peter John and Peter Björkroth. The meeting was reported in the local press (,0,1744004973.html).

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