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INTERMAR officially launched

In September two professors of our Academy, Ludwina Van Son and Alison Noble, travelled to Lisbon to take part in the final conference and launch of the INTERMAR project. Students and lecturers at HZS took part in the piloting of the project early in 2013.
The lecturers were accompanied by Nautical Sciences student Anthony Sainderichin who was selected on the basis of his interest in the project.

You can read Anthony's report on the visit to Lisbon here.



Between 19th and 22nd of September 2013 I was proud to accompany Mrs Alison Noble and Mrs Ludwina Van Son to the final conference of the EU project ‘Intermar’, part of the Lifelong Learning programme, which is funded by the European Commission. The conference took place in Lisbon. I was selected on the basis of my portfolio from first year students who took part in the piloting of the Intermar materials.

The Intermar project introduces the concept of Intercomprehension into a maritime context. This is an innovative approach that encourages speakers of different European languages to communicate in such a way that each of them speaks his/her own language(s) and understands those of the others.

As a first year student I had the opportunity to test the materials, prepared over the course of 1 year by a group of professional linguists and Maritime English teachers working in this field.

In my opinion Intermar has proven to be a useful instrument in the maritime context, and I’m convinced it will be an efficient and practical learning method in other fields as well. This concept will facilitate international communication and make students acquainted with foreign languages and their cultures.

On the 19th September, in the evening I met many interesting people from all over Europe. There were students from Finland, Latvia, Romania and Portugal as well as academics. They all contributed their own part to this project.

The day after, 20th September, we were invited, in formal attire, to the Portuguese naval base and the Escola Naval where round table discussions took place. In the morning Mrs Ludwina Van Son gave an interesting presentation on the concept of the Intermar project and its content and after lunch the students, including myself, participated in a round table concerning the advantages and disadvantages of the Intermar course, our experiences (both positive and negative), thoughts, etc. That evening we had dinner at the magnificent Officers Mess in Cascais.

On Saturday the 21st the Naval Academy welcomed us again and in the morning Mrs Alison Noble led a round table discussion about how to include the Intermar course in the syllabus.
After the closing event we went for lunch at a restaurant called Amarra o Tejo that had a splendid panoramic view of the city of Lisbon. After lunch a visit to the Naval Museum was organised. Yet again the last evening was perfectly organised and we embarked on a small river cruise on the Tejo where dinner was served. It was just as if we had been in a Michelin-starred restaurant!

It was a very pleasant end to this project, which was a great experience. I feel very privileged to have taken part in the event.

Anthony Sainderichin.

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