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Kick-off meeting for Horizon 2020 project


The meeting was held at the Board Room of the Antwerp Maritime Academy. Pictured right are Capt. Patrick Blondé (General Manager of the Academy) and Capt. Kris De Baere.


Horizon 2020 - MG - 8.21a

“Cost-effective mechanisms for the extension of coating life span on board merchant ships”.

The Antwerp Maritime Academy (AMA) takes again a big step forward on its scientific track.

Since 2007 Capt. De Baere (PhD), Helen Verstraelen (PhD) and Geert Potters (PhD), recently joined by Ir. Remke Willemen (Drs) and Raf Meskens (Drs), all members of the teaching staff at the AMA, are conducting a successful line of research on corrosion in ballast tanks.

The Horizon 2020– MG – 8.21a call, “Smarter design, construction and maintenance”, offers the possibility to lift the corrosion research program up to a European level.

On 18 February a kick-off meeting, presided by and organized at the premises of the Antwerp Maritime Academy, was held. Together with the universities of Chalmers (SE), Northumbria (UK), Le Mans, Rouen and Nantes (FR), Research Institutes IMV, IMBG and IBOPC (Ukr), Centec (PT), and commercial organisations Safinah (UK), CEPE (BE),and ABS (USA) we managed to agree on a balanced project planning, taking into account the impressive individual scientific qualities of the parties present.

The general idea is that shipping, although already the greenest mean of transport, still offers a lot of opportunities for improvement. Applying and restoring marine coatings is per definition unfriendly for the environment. Our research towards Cost-effective mechanisms for the extension of coating life span in ballast tanks on board merchant ships” has the potential to yield important economical and ecological advantages.

We are confident that the project that will be submitted on 18 March to the European Commission is strong and our chances to succeed are positive.

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