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Research on use of Maritime English in the simulator

For his master’s thesis on the use of (Maritime) English in the simulator, Roy was invited to follow and observe navigational training in the Aboa Mare simulators. He conducted interviews and carried out a survey. 

The exchange is linked to current AMA research, “Determining the influence of information overload due to augmented and virtual reality on the situation awareness of duty officers using navigation simulators” (Dr. C. Collard & H. Van Noten). 

RoyPeters Simulator AboaMare

HZS promotes and supports academic exchanges abroad as a means of encouraging student participation in key research areas (see also “air quality monitoring in Cuba”), raising awareness of diversity in the sector and furthering internationalisation. 

Antwerp Maritime Academy would like to thank Novia for sharing their expertise and knowledge and extending such warm hospitality to Roy. The exchange was made possible by Roy’s supervisor (Dr. A. Noble) and associates in Turku (P. Björkroth and B. Lindroos).


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