Year planning and course topics

The postgraduate course Hydrography B has a duration of minimum one year, depending on previous qualifications and/or work experience. This year equals a total of 60 ECTS. During this year, theoretical modules alternate with fieldwork periods.

The academic year is divided into two semesters. Throughout the year, students will participate in classes during four theoretical modules. These are alternated with periods of fieldwork in a hydrographic company or institute of choice, to obtain specialized skills in a real work environment. At the end of each semester there are examinations of the finished theory courses. Around May, a compulsory integrated fieldwork period allows the students to participate in workshops, seminars and company visits.

The fieldwork is evaluated by means of a Training Record Book and permanent evaluation. This facilitates monitoring the progress of the candidates and offering assistance when necessary. The evaluation of the fieldwork takes place in September and January of each academic year.

The theoretical courses are held at the Antwerp Maritime Academy and at Ghent University. The integrated fieldwork period takes place in various locations.

Full-time and part-time

The programme as presented here is a full-time programme. A part-time programme can be obtained by taking up some of these classes.

Theory classes



ICT  3  UGent
Navigation  6  HZS
Introduction to Safety  3  HZS
Seamanship  3  HZS
Water Levels and Flow  3  HZS
Geodesy and Cartography  3  UGent
Hydrographic Surveying  6  UGent
Data Management     3  UGent
Geology and Geophysics  3  UGent
Legal Aspects  3  UGent
Integrated Fieldwork (compulsory)  5  On location


Fieldwork  24  On location