STCW Management Level

Entry Requirements

Only trainees who have obtained the STCW Operational Level can attend the course. (Table A-II/1 Specification of minimum standard of competence for officers in charge of a navigational watch on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more.)

In Belgium the following schools organize this course:

  • Secondary education (Technical Secondary Education): KTA Zwijndrecht – Cenflumarin and het Maritiem Instituut Mercator in Ostend.
  • Adult education: CVO Antwerpen and CVO Ostend.

Those who have obtained the operational level elsewhere can still take the course.

It is possible to receive exemptions for modules that have been successfully completed elsewhere*. In order to determine if the candidate meets the entry requirements and to determine possible exemptions, the registration is organized in two steps. In the first step (pre-registration) you send us all your certificates that will be evaluated by the evaluation commission. If the outcome of the evaluation is positive you can register for the modules.

*based on valid STCW certificates issued by recognized training institutes.