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Capt. Dr. Werner Jacobs is master mariner and doctor in the Nautical Sciences at the Antwerp Maritime Academy with a specialization in tankers. He is an expert in the operational aspect of gas tankers and ships’ stability. His research focused on the presence of cargo vapours on board tankers, but was extended to general air quality on board. This within the research group on sustainable shipping at the Antwerp Maritime Academy

Dr. Olivier Schalm is doctor in Sciences at the University of Antwerp with a specialization in analytical chemistry. He is an expert in the characterization of inorganic materials (e.g., glass, metals, pigments) using micro-analytical techniques such as scanning electron microscopy – energy dispersive x-ray analysis (SEM-EDX) and x-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF). Later he focussed his research in indoor air quality where he developed sensor-based measuring systems and algorithms to process continuous data streams generated by the sensors into levels of risk. At the Antwerp Maritime Academy, he uses his knowledge to assess the air quality in and around ships. He is also a successful project writer.

Drs. Gustavo Carro est ingénieur et a commencé son doctorat en sciences nautiques le 1er février 2019. Il étudie comment les mesures de la qualité de l'air peuvent être converties en un risque pour la santé et comment de grandes quantités de données de mesure peuvent être visualisées de manière claire.