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The Sustainable Transport research group specializes in the impact that ships have on our well-being, our health and our environment. We build up expertise on air quality in and around ships, on measures that improve air quality, but also on preventive maintenance of engines and energy management. In our research about the relationships between ships and environment, the human factor is not forgotten. This research group comprises 3 complementary lines of research.

  • Air quality on board ships: The air quality research line aims to improve the health of the crew by continuously monitoring and evaluating the exposure to environmental pollutants and possible cargo vapours in accommodations. The communication takes place with a self-designed risk index and concrete remedial actions are proposed. The focus is on monitoring pollutants with known health risks such as particulate matter or ozone.
  • Development of a solar-powered racing boat: The energy management research line has been working on the development of a solar-powered racing boat since 2008. Together with students, the performance of the racing boat is systematically increased. To this end, the design of the hull and propellers, energy management or the use of lighter materials are continuously evaluated. The most important results of this research line are the many participations in competitions for solar boats in Friesland and Monaco.
  • Development of more sustainable diesel engines: This research comprises all research activities related to the 1-cylinder research engine, equipped with sensors. This engine is used to conduct research into preventive maintenance, cleaning of exhaust gases, the use of alternative fuels, etc.