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There are many reasons why air quality in the accommodation of ships can suddenly change. By performing measuring campaigns on boards of ships, we will better understand the parameters that affect indoor air quality the most. In addition, we will also get an insight in the most important causes of air quality fluctuations. This knowledge will allow us to develop better measuring systems and to validate our system in different contexts. The measuring systems can also be used to evaluate the impact of for example air purifiers on board of ships, or other measures that might improve the air quality.

This means that the risk communication cycle feeds a second cycle where a series of actions are undertaken to improve the indoor air quality. In the mitigation cycle, two types of actions can be distinguished: (1) the ship endures some technical changes, or (2) human behaviour on the ship is changed such as the way of sailing.


Interested in measurements on board of your ship? Contact us!

Contact us if you are interested or concerned about the air quality on board of your ship. Would you like to have an analysis? We are looking for additional ships on which we can test our technology.

Measuring campaign on the RV BELGICA - January 2020


VITO, the Antwerp Maritime Academy and 2 of our users have deployed their analytical methods on the RV BELGICA. The RV BELGICA is a Belgian (federal) research ship. On that ship, several instruments have been installed in a bedroom close to the engine room. In addition, 5 other locations (engine room, gym, wardroom, bridge and outdoor) are measured as well.