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Together with companies from the maritime sector and the Internet of Things sector, the ELGAS-project wants to develop a measuring platform that continuously measures the most important pollutants and converts them directly into an estimation of health risk due to air.

Question for organisations and companies

Contact us if your company or organisation is interested in research about the deeper meaning of air quality, IoT applications on ships, or visualization of complex data.

Contact us if you have an idea or technology that might improve the air quality in and around ships.

We are continuously looking for additional organizations that want to contribute in the realization of our ambitions. In return, we will be member of our steering committee. As a member, we will share our experience with you and help you to innovate.


VITO will develop a measuring box that contains all the sensors. For this, it will use open-source hardware and mid-price sensors that are able to measure the parameters that affect the indoor air quality in ships the most. The measuring box is a cornerstone in the risk communication cycle.


KdG University of Applied Sciences and Arts

The education Multimedia Technology at KdG is responsible for the development of the communicator. This device connects the measuring box of VITO with the data visualization tool on board of the ship. The communicator will also connect the measuring box with the cloud so that scientists have access to the data at any time. For this, it will combine several communication technologies and buffer the data when communication is temporarily impossible.



Antwerp Maritime Academy

This partner will focus on automatic data processing and data visualization of incoming measurements. In that way, large data streams will become understandable, explorable and actionable. Several algorithms will be designed to convert several environmental parameters into a single air quality index. In addition, the software should be designed in such a way that stakeholders can explore the data themselves.

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