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The webcam is placed on the roof terrace of the Antwerp Maritime Academy and shows the Antwerp roadstead along the river Scheldt.
The skyline is dominated by the cathedral (123 m high, built between 1352 and 1533) and the KBC Tower (one of the first skyscrapers in Europe, built around 1920).
The entrance to the Royers Lock is shown in the front. The Royers Lock is the smallest sea lock connecting the river Scheldt with the docks complex.

More information about the webcam can be found beneath.


Technical details HZS webcam

The webcam is located at the roof terrace of the Antwerp Maritime Academy.
The geographical co-ordinates of the building are: 51° 14’ 27’’ N, 4° 23’ 55’’ E. The time zone is WET daylight saving time.
See satellite photo showing the location of the camera and the covered area.


What do you see?

ZichtWebcamIn the foreground you see the entrance to the Royers Lock. This is the oldest and also smallest sea lock connecting the river Scheldt with the port of Antwerp’s docks system.

The larger entrances (among which the Berendrecht Lock, the biggest sea lock in the world) are situated downstream.
Detailed information on the port of Antwerp can be found at

In the background you see the right bank quays along the river Scheldt. Today, they are mainly used by visiting cruise and navy vessels and sight-seeing boats. The skyline of the town centre forms the horizon and you can see the peaks of the KBC-Boerentoren (a skyscraper built in the early 1920's) and more to the right, the Antwerp Cathedral (a 123 m high church of unique elegance built between 1352 and 1533).


How do we do it?

A network HD rapid dome camera (Sony SNC-RH164 megapixel camera with 10x optical auto-focus zoom lens) is shooting frames in 16/9 format.The built-in web server timestamps them.

Our public web server downloads an image every second over the local ethernet, and publishes this picture on
The Javascript embedded in our webcam-pages refreshes the image rendered in the browser, downloading the most recent picture.