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Following our successful first edition we are pleased to invite you to our next Webinar on Maritime Innovation, Thursday, the 4th of June at 19:00.
We are part of a rather conservative sector, yet the future is knocking at our door. 
In order to give you a taste of what is coming, we have invited following speakers:
Roy Campe, Managing Director of CMB’s technology division CMB.TECH, will present his company’s innovative Hydrogen project. 
Upon our request he will also touch upon the ‘Maritime Campus Antwerp’. A magnificent project that will put our beloved city on the map as a nerve center for innovative projects that will benefit the broad maritime sector.

Our next speaker is Jordi Daniëls, Technical Manager at Saab. He will not speak about fighter jets, rockets nor about the nostalgic times of the 900 and 9000’s. 
He is actually the person in charge of the technical side of the 'Scheldt Radar Chain'. Being an innovative company they are engaged in research on artificial intelligence (AI) detecting collisions before they take place. During the Webinar he will present a real life example.

Laurent Moyersoen, Product Manager of NxtPort, will introduce you to the unlocked value of the data sharing platform & the importance of community building for digital collaboration to build a worldwide network-of-networks.

Just like the first edition, there will be the possibility for interaction via Q&A and polls.

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 Past events:

Webinar May 4: "You are not alone" Crew change crisis from a Flag State's, Shipmowner's and Seafarer's perspective.

> Webinar Press Release (in Dutch)

> Minutes of the webinar (in Dutch)