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Useful information



All courses are lectured in English.

Entry requirements

In order to be eligible, candidates require the following qualifications as a minimum:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Good knowledge of mathematics : differential and integral calculus, matrix algebra, co-ordinate geometry (2 and 3 dimensional) , spherical trigonometry, theory of errors, functions, series, complex variables
  • Good knowledge of physics : units of measure, mechanics, signal modulation, measurement of time, electricity and magnetism, optics, transducers, pressure, electronics
  • Good knowledge of English as all courses are in English


Registration and tuition fee

The registration fee is €250; the tuition fee for the programme consists of € 70 per credit for EU citizens and € 145 for non-EU citizens (at a max. of 60 credits)


The programme is currently not eligible for grants and funding.

General information

Students have to take care of their own accommodation, we recommend www.kotweb.be to find a certified student accommodation.



For more information please contact
Mathias Smidt
Tel. +32 3 205 64 60
E-mail: hydrography@hzs.be



The courses and examinations (see: annual  planning) will take place at the HZS (Antwerp) and the UGent Campus Sterre (Ghent). The Integrated fieldwork (May-June) will be decided on each year (students will be informed in time).

The HZS is located at:

Noordkasteel Oost 6
B-2030 Antwerp

T +32 (0)3 205 64 30


The UGent Campus Sterre is located at:

Campus Sterre, building S8

Krijgslaan 281

B-9000 Ghent

T +32 (0)9 264 46 95