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HZS Solar Boat “Most efficient vessel”

W&Z Ecorage-Challenge is a new race for solar boats, organized by “Waterwegen & Zeekanaal”, linked with the Flemish Ministry of Mobility and Public Works.
W&Z is working towards a dynamic management of the Flemish waterways, including the areas along it. W&Z stimulates the use of these waterways and this land, while taking into account the interests of all the stakeholders involved and paying additional attention to sustainable growth, flood protection and integrated water management.

The Ecorage-Challenge took place from 9 till 11 May 2014 on the Ieper-IJzer canal. Student teams competed in the search for efficient and alternative power technologies in inland navigation.

The HZS team was awarded the price for “Most efficient vessel”.


The HZS Solar Team was composed of students Arne Good, Arnout Mechelaere, Roel Van Bogaert and Pascal Gernidos, and instructors Willem Maes, Filip Van Gutte, Marc Sterkens and Jos Noteboom.



The participating boats were displayed and inspected at the main square in Ieper.

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