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HZS staff attend IMLA-IMEC26

From 7-10 July Alison Noble, Christophe Collard, Pieter Decancq and Ludwina Van Son from HZS Faculty of Science (Languages and Social Sciences) attended the 26th annual IMLA-International Maritime English Conference (IMEC).
The conference was held at Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz on the island of West Terschelling, The Netherlands.
HZS members of staff maintained a high profile at the conference. Alison Noble presented a paper on low-fi simulation for effective bridge team communication and ran a workshop on the SeaTALK project. Ludwina Van Son and Christophe Collard presented a paper on intercomprehension and the INTERMAR project.

For additional information about IMEC, including the conference proceedings, visit www. http://www.imla.co/imec/

Alison Noble is a member of the IMLA-IMEC Steering Committee and is Chair of the Papers & Activities Committee.

HZS members of staff at Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz.

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