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Corrosion test facility

AMACORT, the Corrosion Research Group of the Antwerp Maritime Academy, is participating in a strategic basic research program DISARM with the aim of addressing knowledge gaps and developing an integrated scientific approach to support the risk assessment and management of marine chemical munitions landfills worldwide.

DISARM's study object is the “Paardenmarkt”, an ammunition dump site located less than a nautical mile from the beach of Knokke-Heist. Presumably 35,000 tons of toxic grenades from WW1 are buried here.

AMACORT took the responsibility of developing a statistical model that simulates the current state of the grenades and will give us an idea of ​​the rate at which these toxic grenades degrade and thus become dangerous.

In this context, an important step forward was taken on 5 February. After a long time of preparation, a large corrosion testing facility was started up. About 1400 plates (60x60x3mm) were submerged in sea-, fresh- and brackish water. 1/3rd of the plates is buried in North Sea sand, 1/3rd is at the surface of the sand and 1/3rd is upright and therefore half buried in sand and half in water column.

This titanic work would have been impossible without good cooperation between students and teachers.


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