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Next stop: Monte Carlo!

Solar1’s inaugural race will see teams from all around the world competing in the Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014.

The Solar1 Monte Carlo Cup 2014, taking place from the 10 -12 July is divided into 3 Racing Classes – A Class, Open Class and V20. Classes are categorised due to different technical specifications, solar panels and the crew.
Monaco is welcoming not only the race of the future but also a race like no other. This is a new era of powerboat racing where teams are working hard to produce the best solar boat of their class with top secret innovating designs and technology.
Most of the boats entered have been designed and built by engineering students from international universities committed to promoting solar power as a credible source of energy for the future.

29 teams are now confirmed, some coming from as far afield as Brazil and the USA.
The team of the Antwerp Maritime Academy is composed of 4 students (Arne Good, Arnout Mechelaere, Pascal Gernidos and Roel Van Bogaert) and 4 teaching team staff members (Willem Maes, Filip Van Gutte, Marc Sterkens en Jos Noteboom).

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