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Poster competition to highlight ecological topics

Each year, the last year students in Nautical Sciences (master year) participate in a competition to create posters on ecological topics.
The competition is organised in the framework of the “Advanced Maritime Ecology” course which gives students an in-depth understanding of maritime environmental problems.
Students also learn to critically reflect - from an ethical, human and global perspective - on the developments in a globalising economy.
Topics treated this year focused on "Our impact on the world: carbon and water footprints".


The “Less Meat on our Plate” poster of Anouk Mortelmans, Lynn Mathieu, Frederik Boumans,
Evert Van Zundert, Guillaume Storme & Gaetan Praet was awarded the Best Content prize.


The “Fair Trade or no Trade” poster of Sander Steel, Elisabeth Bus, Dominique Clybouw, Lander Hofman
& Rienert Vandewalle won the Most Original Presentation prize.

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