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Commercial Yachting 500 GT


The Antwerp Maritime Academy offers a training programme in Commercial Yachting. This training is aimed at the crew of pleasure craft used for commercial activities, with a gross tonnage lower than 500.
The training programme is based on STCW requirements and is approved by the Belgian Federal Administration for Mobility and Transport.

The programme consists of various modules leading up to four different Certificates of Competence:

  • Officer of the watch up to 200 nautical miles out of the coast (Officer 200’)
  • Master up to 200 nautical miles out of the coast (Master 200’)
  • Officer of the watch unlimited
  • Master unlimited

After acceptance by the evaluation commission, you can start with the training for any of the above-mentioned certificates.
These are built progressively so it is possible to start with the Officer 200' en gradually continue on to the Master unlimited. However, this is not mandatory.
This modular training structure also makes it possible to spread the commercial yachting training over many years.



Mail to training@hzs.be with the following mention:

  • Module + data module
  • Name, first name
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Adress
  • Email adress



Christel Peeters
Maritime Training Coordinator 
tel. +32 3 205 64 60