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Due to the sharp rise of the COVID-19 cases in Belgium the Antwerp Maritime Academy has taken steps to slow and prevent the further spread of the virus. The school has decided to suspend all courses starting on Monday 16 March 2020 up until the 20th of April 2020.
As it is very unclear how the situation will develop the coming weeks and months, we have not yet decided on when to organize. Any fee paid for any of these cancelled courses will either be reimbursed or can be considered as a payment for a future session. (As per your choice).

We understand that this may pose serious problems on a professional level but we have taken this decision for the following reasons:
To assure the safety and wellbeing of our trainees and instructors
To prevent anyone to be stranded amidst the increasing closure of borders and travel bans
We anticipate a closure of all educational facilities by the government
We will keep you informed about the plans regarding new dates of the modules.

The Antwerp Maritime Academy is a diversified centre of maritime knowledge. Its equipment and knowhow are not only used in the bachelor and master training programmes, but are also at the disposal of third parties.
There is a growing demand from maritime companies (merchant marine, towing and dredging companies) as well as public authorities (such as the Pilotage services) for external nautical training.
The training modules offered by the Antwerp Maritime Academy, are not only available for the industry and the public services, but also for individual trainees.
It is also possible to organise tailor-made training programmes, adapted to your specific needs.
Companies that have their own certified instructors can rent our training equipment.



Bie Van Deun
Maritime Training Coordinator 
tel. +32 3 205 64 35