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AMACORT (https://www.hzs.be/nl/onderzoek-expertise/onderzoeksgroepen/amacort-corrosie-en-fouling) celebrates another milestone. After three years of preparation, alternating periods of trial and error, the dynamic platform, DYPLA for short, was put into operation. The purpose of this set-up is to test the speed with which fouling releases from the hull of the ship and this for different anti-fouling coating types. The setup will initially be used in the context of the PhD research of AMACORT colleague Raf Meskens and will subsequently be used in the research projects of AMACORT, Praktijklab Corrosie en Isolatie (https://www.hzs.be/nl/2-nl/297-praktijklab-corrosie-en-isolatie) and SOCORRO (https://www.hzs.be/nl/2-nl/308-socorro).

A disc with a diameter of 1.8m spins at 110 revolutions per minute. 18 sectors can be mounted on the disc, which, if necessary, can each be painted with a different type of coating. The ship speeds that can be simulated range from 0 to 20 knots.

This set-up could never have been realized without the fantastic cooperation of DEME. We should like to thank in particular Marc De Boom, Jorne Beyen and Roeland Vanraepenbusch.

Dypla 03

Dypla 03

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