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HZS Kyokushin Karate Dojo


The HZS Dojo is the karate club of the Antwerp Maritime Academy, a team of athletes who do not fear hard training.


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What is karate?

By definition, karate is a weaponless means of self-defence. It consists of dynamic offensive and defensive techniques, using all parts of the body to their maximum advantage. It coordinates mind and body perfectly, thereby allowing tremendous physical power at will. Therefore, any person - after long years of training - can gain the power to deliver devastating blows. Practicing karate increases alertness, self-awareness and self-confidence. It conditions the body by improving speed and strength, and it builds stamina.

Why kyokushinkai style?

Kyokushin Karate is a full-contact style founded by MASTER SOSAI MASUTATSU OYAMA (1923-1994), the founder of the kyokushin organization (IKO). Kyokushin is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. It enjoys international appeal: practitioners have over the last 40+ years numbered more than 12 million. It emphasizes realistic and practical combat and physical toughness.
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Kyokushin training consists of three main elements: technique, forms, and sparring.
They are sometimes referred to as the three "K's", after the Japanese words for them:

  • Kihon (drilling of stances, blocks, punches, strikes and kicks)
  • Kata (pre-arranged forms simulating combat situations)
  • Kumite (sparring and free fight)


Trainings are held weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 18.00 until 20.00 h. in our own Dojo (Bredastraat 141, 2060 Antwerpen).
However, during exam periods or other academic activities, training can be organised on other days and at other hours.


HZS Kyokushinkai Karate Dojo

Cpt. Abed Benmestoura (Instructor)
E-mail: Abed.Benmestoura@hzs.be

Bertrand Theisen (President)
E-mail: bertrand.theisen@student.hzs.be

In 2013, Baudouin Payen, Naomi Vanderstockt and Bertrand Theisen (6 Kyu) as well as Corentin Hamers and Manolito Fernandez Jimenez (8 Kyu) successfully passed their Kyu exams.

In 2016, Yannis Van Laere (9 Kyu), Chris van der Tas (9 Kyu), Kasper Bayet (8 Kyu) and Thibaud Markadieu (8 Kyu) successfully passed their Kyu exams.

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